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Moving Storage Containers

Moving Storage Containers - Squamish Storage, Pemberton Storage and Whistler Storage. Storage in Squamish BC.


For long term or seasonal storage, using one of our mobile containers is the perfect way to declutter your home.

Clean up your house or garage by switching out all your summer and winter gear twice a year. It's a safe and cheap way to store your seasonal clothes, toys and tools.

Thinking of selling or renting your home? Why not remove clutter for staging? Once sold, we can deliver your container to your new home, saving you the job of unpacking, repacking or using a rental truck.

Our wooden containers differ from metal containers in that they can breathe and are not affected my climate changes. Sometimes moisture trapped in metal containers can cause mould and mildew over time.

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Whether it's a large renovation project or a small remodel, mobile storage units are the perfect solution to store all your belongings while you complete your home improvement.

For businesses in the building industry our units are the ideal way to secure your equipment and supplies until the next job. It's as simple as packing the pod, storing it, and then delivering it to the new site on your request.

In the unlikely event of a fire or water damage to your home then mobile containers allow you to take the stress and uncertainty out of the situation while you store your belongings in our warehouse.

7ft wide x 9ft deep x 7ft high.


For events, film, catering and interior design industries there are many benefits to using our mobile storage containers and delivery system.

Firstly, we offer a door to exact location service for easy packing, transportation and then set up of your production gear. The container can be packed in your own time then either stored or delivered to the venue on the day. You can use the container as lockable weatherproof storage during the event. When it comes to clean up you simply pack everything up and we'll be there to pick up and deliver, or store it for you until the next event.

We have the capability to collect up to three containers at a time giving you flexible storage and drop off options.

We deliver to Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton and North Vancouver. Book your mobile storage by calling 604-902-MOVE (6683)

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